martes, 12 de junio de 2018

A Museum every Christmas

The Museums are buildings worth visiting, especially those of last generation, that define the architectural forefront.

With sixty three year old she did not know, exactly, from where it had taken the idea, but she loved it. As with the great occurrences, its materialization was simple: A Museum every Christmas, so simple. During the year she decide, patiently, which of all the museums of the world would visit, later, she look flight and stay for Christmas, probably would use viajes El Corte Inglés, as she had always done.
The first site she visited could not be other than the Louvre, the most famous Museum in the world, a complex impossible to visit in just a few days, so she would has to return sooner rather than later. For not repeat, the second year visited Mexico, specifically the Soumaya Museum, an amazing building that does not leave indifferent anybody, such and as his creative philanthropist, Mr Carlos Slim. She could not help feel some empathy when she discovered that Soumaya was the name of the wife of the billionaire, only who loses a loved one knows how important it is to perpetuate its memory.

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