martes, 10 de abril de 2018

Louvre versus Louvre

A Palace with more than five hundred years of history reconverted to the most famous Museum in the world.

Hi, when you live in a family with significant load throughout the history, you need to learn to young age that you have a responsibility with your ancestors and, obviously, your present (the future is always an open question). Thus, you should understand my emotional ties with a building that represents more than five hundred years of history of France, and, of course, part of my own, how many documents I keep in a corner with the name this building is something that I will not say, at least today and here. It name is (you know) the Louvre(my hand shakes me when I write its name).

All starts with a wall built in 1190 by the King Felipe Augusto on the banks of the river Seine to protect Paris.This fortification varies over the time from being a defensive construction to temporary residence, and is Francisco I in 1528 who decides to establish the Royal residence in the place. Another King, Enrique II, would be responsible for carrying out the main modifications of the Palais du Louvre.Pierre Lescot was commissioned to give shape to the new Pavilion with reference to the Renaissance and creating a spectacular building with the best craftsmen and carpenters from the moment.

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