martes, 24 de abril de 2018

The starry sky of aluminium

A large dome with a starry sky covers the new Louvre Museum in the United Arab Emirates, the first outside France.

Hi, “exhausted” is a very comforting word, not only for who uses it, also for people who experiences it. If you will think that your friend and favourite philanthropist, I, Rodolfo, has lost some sensitivity in his mind, if you stop to think will recognize that I have reason. To be exhausted, you had to make an epic by which you are overwhelmed, of tiredness and joy, in equal part. Well, I had one of similar dimensions to the Daniel Defoe, which he must have felt when writing “Robinson Crusoe”, novel in 1,719. Especially taking into account that part of my epic happened in the Robinson Crusoe Island (located in Chile).
I was on the island to decide if it is a place where to build my future construction or if, on the other hand, I leave them the free land so that in the future they could build a park in honour of Defoe and Crusoe. My friend called me in this place, Cristina, already know, the Green concrete, and forced me to make a trip of more than 24 hours for placement of a last very special piece: that of a starry sky of aluminium.

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