martes, 1 de mayo de 2018

The island of the end of the world

A dream island for lovers of the nature in which it is impossible not to live thousands of emotions.

Rodolfo set his feet on the soil of the island with some elegance (inherent in his personality), and peeped with disillusionment a large group of journalists who were waiting for him, “I wanted to have a quiet trip,” he thought.Obviously, he was not the first (nor the last) time that this happened, his fame had increased exponentially since his desire to find an island to build a fantastic building, he publish this in a famous magazine and is almost impossible to reach an island without that hordes of communications professionals are waiting for he. Sometimes, he wondered how they were able to guess where he was going, however, sometimes he enjoy the warm welcome that always the means provide for he.
However, this moment was not the conducive for companions, thus he made them know the gathered journalists, and, very kindly they attended the requirements of Rodolfo, member of an ancient family like no other. When he is alone, he observed nearby, was on the island of El Hierro, famous for being, for centuries, the island of the Meridian zero, from Ptolemy utilized it in the century II until it moved to Greenwich in the 19th century, in fact, until the discovery of America, was considered the end of the world.

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