martes, 29 de mayo de 2018

The story of the mythical Castellana 81

An architectural icon of Madrid is transformed into new business centre in the popular Castellana Street.

Stumbled, almost unwittingly, in front of the building, they looked at broadly, convinced that they were more than what they expected, not in vain, despite knowing perfectly who they were, was the first time they crossed their eyes. The scenario was the best for this meeting: which will be soon the new headquarters for their new company, a building remodeled inside, thus prolonging an architectural myth of Madrid, the building of the Castellana 81.
Sank their feelings at the same time, there will be time to speak of its future headquarters, now touch business. They decided to go to the Starbucks of Orense Street, there, after asking a Gingerbread and a Toffee Nut, they took a seat while opened their laptops, they were willing to pour their ideas in the knowledge of the other person. Spent hours chatting, commenting, viewing their future business, one had sketches of the product, the other of the campaign, ideas for the first customers, how to get good prices from the suppliers, of how to capture business related in other parts of the world. Almost sold out, at the end, they also spoke a little of them.

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