miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

The barrier of Plastic

How choose an envelope to protect us from the outside, stable enough and that allows us to be more efficient ecologically?
(Edición en Español)

Hi, my main goal when I write in this medium (the best, no doubt) is to analyse the materials and the construction systems already existing (or in process of existence) in an desire to find the elements with that I will carry out an elegant building, which already is shaping in my brain, I clarify it because someone told me on one occasion to speak of this or which element: I, Rodolfo, choose my battles and, hence, also my materials.

Another condition is the place where I will manufacture: an island by choose. Thus, I spend part of my time to find this island and, although I've seen some of the best and many to choose the site more paradisiacal in the World, I have not decided yet. This week, I posed my eyes (and then my feet) on the island of Guadalupe, which belongs to the archipelago of the same name and in it is wheel the series "Death in Paradise", a Franco-British production that bored me a bit (the truth ahead).

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