miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

The love without limits or the secret of the Taj Mahal

For love was built this wonder in the 17th century, still today its presence shines in the world as an example of the mongolian architecture.

"I will not release you", told Steve to Laaysa, just when his hands were gripping her forearms, had come in time, but not everything was done, the hardest thing was now the rescue. In an outgoing of Pachermo peak, in the Nepal, she had a small missteps while they were climbing, and this made that she were dragged by the force of gravity, by luck, he was fast and was able to grab her at the last moment. For grab her, he had given a small jump and dropped on the rocks, had hurt him, although not complained, he had quite hurt.

"In this stance I cannot raise you without danger for us of to fall into the void, and I will not roll on these 6,200 meters of descent without a good reason," joked, "we have to wait for the rest of the group". Laaysa was about to tell him that he let her go ("like in the movies", thought with a bit of irony) but she knew that Steve would never do that, without her he will not go, that was what most liked of him and, also, what most irritated of him. "Don't talk, love, you do not spend more force than the necessary", thus, she thundered seeking help.

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