miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

The Museum of Polish Jews

A Museum is the place where we save the details of the past, but can also be a wisp of hope for the future.

Hi, the history of mankind often is summarized with words or numbers, reducing the reality to entities that have not soul and that do not allow to understand all the dimension of a tragedy, of a discovery, of the work of a person, etc. Luckily, since ancient times the mankind has found another way to bequeath his past, more direct and explicit: through of the preservation and exhibition of objects that remind us of what has happened, what is commonly known as museums (how I like museums!).

On 28 October of the last year (2014 for who read it beyond the year 2015), opened its doors to the public a very special Museum, in Warsaw (Poland), but before giving more details I'll talk about a girl named Natalie Portman, born in Israel and American of adoption, has become on her own merits in a star of the current movie scene. Her well deserved Oscar for the film "Black Swan" only testifies to this reality, but this woman is something else, for me, Rodolfo, is the best actress in the world, and you know by experience, rarely I am mistaken.

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