miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

The Green Awareness

The landscape architecture is integrated into our psyche, helping us to feel and experience in a way unparalleled.
(Edición en español)

Luisa was very practical, she considered the causes as an unstoppable alteration of the reality, and the consequences as the materialization of the insurmountable. With this practical thinking had always achieved the discomfort of her closest ones, preventing that they do not see how the reality exceeded them, and against which, the best policy was the acceptance and the advancement, if this advance was already defined, clear. She did not seem to bother him the most anomalous situations, she had twenty five year old, and she was unalterable.

With Galician father and mother of New York, her life had passed with relative normality until, for reasons of work, she had to travel to Missouri, specifically the city of Saint Louis. She hurt her more than she could accept having to leave her hometown, Wayne, where it never spent anything and, in a way, this made much more secure and peaceful her life. She knew the problems of the world by the digital means of communication... but it seemed so far, although it pass in her own country...

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