miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

The Global Project of the Year is for Calatrava

The Architect-Engineer has received one award more, this is the best project of the year by the ENR magazine.
(Edición en Español)

Hi, I'm Rodolfo, again, and I have to warn that the scenario in which the architecture moves is growing exponentially, as well as the manifestations emanating from it. However, all that glitters isn´t gold and also proliferate the false "prophets", which designed with unwillingly (what is called the architectural apathy) becoming in bad copies, already Cristóbal Colón said: "Finds the happiness in your work, or you'll never be happy" I don't know if this is said before or after discovering the Bahamas Islands, a spectacular place where very well could construct my future building... with my expert opinion and the permission of the local authorities, of course.

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